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Linen's N' More

We have the best prices in town and offer a large selections of table cloths, organza toppers, runnners, and napkins.   We also offer free delivery and pickup within 15 miles of our office in Hooksett (mapped via mapquest). 

The prices are as follows:

Table cloths:    90"        $  9.00 each
                           108"        $10.50 each
                        120"        $11.50 each
Table cloth overhang by table size:
    60" round table :    90"   has a 15" overhang       70" round table:  90" has a 10" overhang      
                               108"   has a 24" overhang                              108" has a 19" overhang
                               120"   is floor length                                      120" has a 25" overhang (6" off the floor)

     48" round table:     90"   has a 21" overhang
                               108"   is floor length  

Organza toppers:   $4.00 each
    All of our toppers are organza and are 70" squares. 

Table runners:  $3.00 each      

Napkins: $.40 each 
    Each napkin is 17" X 17"
Available colors: 
   Polyester Table Cloths and Napkins

Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, Purple, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Turquoise, Pine Green, Hunter Green, Sage, Tea Green, Lemon, Gold, Pumpkin, Peach, Dusty Rose, Red, Burgandy, Dark Brown, Chocolate, Beige, Silver, White, Black and Ivory.
  Satin Table Cloths (90" only)
Gold, Silver and Black
Available colors: 
   Organza Toppers and Satin Runners

Pink, Fuchsia, Lavender, Purple, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Turquoise, Hunter Green, Sage, Gold,  Red, Burgandy, Chocolate, Silver, White, Black and Ivory. 
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